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Re: [hobbit] dropped hosts comes back

Greg Hubbard a écrit :
> Make sure that there aren't copies of the same node somewhere else in the
> bb-hosts file, perhaps with as the IP address.  A "red" test means
> that the Xymon server is really trying to ping something, and the ping is
> failing.  Blank means that the host is not being pinged, so you are probably
> looking at a copy (   host  # noconn) entry.
> Just guesses.  Let us know when you figure it out.

the /etc/hobbit was recreated by the script

The bb-hosts contains indeed my old tests, so I removed the script above
from the starting script, and everything is fine now.

My mistake was to use sometimes /etc/init.d/hobbit start and sometimes
$HOBBITHOME/hobbit.sh start. The first recreated the /etc/hobbit, but
the second didn't create anything.

thanks for the answers.

I'll be more carefull with startup scripts next time.