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Re: [hobbit] dropped hosts comes back

Make sure that there aren't copies of the same node somewhere else in the
bb-hosts file, perhaps with as the IP address.  A "red" test means
that the Xymon server is really trying to ping something, and the ping is
failing.  Blank means that the host is not being pinged, so you are probably
looking at a copy (   host  # noconn) entry.

Just guesses.  Let us know when you figure it out.

On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 9:23 AM, pkc_mls <pkc_mls (at) yahoo.fr> wrote:

> Jerald Sheets a écrit :
> > Also,
> >
> > did you kill the client on the monitored host?
> Hi,
> for a conn test there is no client.
> I forgot to mention this.
> >
> >> You removed the host from bb-host and it still appears on the Hobbit web
> >> page?  What color is it?
> The color is red or blank.
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