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Re: [hobbit] ifstat.mac.rrd question

On Mon, Feb 15, 2010 at 05:46, McGraw, Robert P <rmcgraw (at) purdue.edu> wrote:
> I am getting this error message in my rrd-data.log about every minute. I looked in the archive about this and only found one entry that did not provide much help.
> Also in the trends in the network traffic graph I see an interface named "mac".
> 2010-02-15 08:41:35 RRD error updating /local/xymon/data/rrd/gauss.math.purdue.edu/ifstat.mac.rrd from /local/xymon/data/rrd/gauss.math.purdue.edu/ifstat.mac.rrd: illegal attempt to update using time 1266241295 when last update time is 1266241295 (minimum one second step)
> 1) what is the "mac" interface?
> 2) what is causing the above error and how can I prevent this?

If is gauss then try running "ifconfig" (or equivalent)
on it, see what it says, see if "mac" is listed more than once. Are
there other ifstat rrds for gauss, or other hosts with the same OS?