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Re: [hobbit] purple icons

I have been trying to track this down as well.
I have ONE server that conn is purple for about 5 min then green for 30
seconds and then back to purple.

The status message of the server says it is green and ok but the color
always goes purple.

If I run bbtest-net from the command line it will go green for a few
seconds and then purple again.

What are the names of your servers that are going purple?
Mine starts with a number and if I rename the machine in bb-hosts to not
start with a number it stays green.

But I have other servers that start with a number as well that stay

I have everything in debug and the tests say they are sending a green
message but bb-display (bbgen) says it got a purple.

On Tue, 2010-02-16 at 09:16 -0600, Josh Ferrill wrote:
> Has anyone resolved the purple icon problem within Hobbit?
> Periodically throughout the day I receive servers that have purple
> alerting. I remotely view the server and see a âRoute Error.â Any
> Suggestions?
> Josh