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Re: [hobbit] Building the client on Mac OS X 10.6

On Feb 11, 2010, at 6:54 AM, M. Hansen wrote:

> I'm using Snow Leopard as well and I'm getting the same error messages
> as Rob. Do you have any suggestions/workarounds, Henrik?

It would be nice if someone looked into this, but in the meantime…

I found and old copy of the source (same version) that I had used to build the client under 10.5. For whatever reason, it works fine. Here’s a copy (minus my Makefile).


run `./configure --client` to create a Makefile, then `make` and `make install`.

Works for me anyway.

If you plan to run the client for monitoring purposes, you’ll also want this plist for launchd.


You’ll need to replace all mentions of "/Users/xymon/client” with the correct path for your system.

I’ve never used it myself, but some dipshit refused to read or try anything I suggested, so I got fed up and created one. :) See these threads:


Rob McBroom

Don't try to tell me a thing is important to you if the whole of your “support” entails forcing others to spend time and money on it.