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RE: [hobbit] purple status for one server and hobbitfetch?

Lets start over... :)
I guess using machine name examples would help.

monitor is the main hobbit server - IP
28512dbtst is the client that keeps going purple.  IP

"monitor" is setup to monitor "28512dbtst".
At one point someone put the hobbit server software on "28512dbtst".
"monitor" figured out automatically that server software was running on
"28512dbtst" and "monitor" were never setup in a dual server way.  They
were separate except that "monitor" was monitoring "28512dbtst".

We got the server software removed from "28512dbtst" and the client
software installed.
We dropped "28512dbtst" (bb "drop 28512dbtst") on "monitor"
and let "monitor" rediscover "28512dbtst"

Now out of 30+ servers being monitored by "monitor", "28512dbtst" is the
only one that shows up purple.
Even though "28512dbtst" has the same client software as everything else
and is setup to push the data to "monitor"

I also just tried to drop "28512dbtst" and stop the client software on
it and let "monitor" just ping it.
Still purple, but conn is ok:

Fri Feb 5 15:20:44 2010 conn ok 

Service conn on 28512dbtst is OK (up)

green is alive (4.31 ms)
Status unchanged in 0 hours, 4 minutes
Status message received from hobbitd

On Fri, 2010-02-05 at 14:46 -0500, wiskbroom (at) hotmail.com wrote: 

> > We didn't have a "true" two server setup.
> >
> > There was the main server and then this test one.
> This is defined in your bb-hosts like this, no?
>   host-i-want-to-ping.org   # conn
> I can tell you that I was getting similar results when I had two hosts defined as BBDISPLAYS, and BBDISP set to
> Just to recap, you have a host,, that is NOT configured to send to your xymon server, but for some reason your Xymon server is reporting it, and it is purple, is this correct?
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