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RE: [hobbit] Nagios client, Hobbit server anyone?

Of course, also very interesting !

.. please go ahead .. :-)


On Tue, 11 Nov 2008, Ward, Martin wrote:

Hi Henrik,

3. Write a program that acts like a Hobbit proxy server, listening on

I've thought of that myself a couple of times - it would be useful if
Hobbit could make use of some of
the Nagios modules ("plugins", in Nagios speak).

But Nagios is very different from Hobbit. The network protocol used
between the Nagios server and the
clients is not documented (at least, not anywhere that Google can find
for me), and it is also a "pull"
type of protocol, where the Nagios server polls all of the clients to
pick up data.

Doing a "pull" from the Hobbit server wouldn't be all that difficult,
but it would have to mimick the
behaviour of the Nagios server. And since I haven't found anything
about how that works, it means digging
into the Nagios server code and trying to figure it out from there. Or
setting up a Nagios system and doing
network traces. Both would take more time than I'd like :-/

My thoughts were that this proxy server would do the pulling,
effectively mimicking the Nagios server,
then push the data on to the Hobbit server in a similar way to your
bbproxy program. I had planned on
cheating for the initial version. For those checks that use the NRPE
plug-in the proxy
would simply run the check_nrpe program passing it the parameters
needed to execute the remote plug-in. It
would then parse the return data and massage it into Hobbit-speak.

I took a look at the weekend but came up against a wall trying to
extract the relevant code from
bbproxy. I think the issue I was having was that bbproxy is heavily
written to merge multiple packets from
the client (combining) and send them on to the Hobbit server in one go.
I just needed something that told
me what the format of a bbproxy data packet looked like and how to send
it to the main server.

Ah well, I will see if I can get access to a production Nagios server
(the one I am supposed to be replacing)
and see what info I can get from that.


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