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Goodbye "Hobbit", hello "Xymon"


As I wrote some time ago, I was contacted by the owners of the 
"Hobbit" trademark back in June.

Several names have been suggested by you on the mailing list
(see http://www.hswn.dk/hobbiton/2008/08/msg00193.html), but
the decision has now been made.

As of today, the official name is "Xymon" (pronounced just
like "Simon").

At the moment this renaming has not caused much of a change,
but it will be implemented over the coming weeks.

* The Sourceforge project URL remains at 
  https://sf.net/projects/hobbitmon/ due to project renamings
  currently being suspended on Sourceforge. Once the suspension
  is lifted, however, there is a queued request to rename the
  project. It will then be available at

* The mailing list address remains "hobbit (at) hswn.dk" for the
  moment. A new "Xymon" mailing list will be setup, but 
  this will be announced separately.

* The demo website http://www.xymon.com/ is active. The old
  address - www.hobbitmon.com - will remain in place for
  some time, but no longer than August 2009.

* Changes to documentation, code, webpages inside the
  Hobbit monitor etc. will be happening over the next couple
  of weeks, and will be fully implemented in the upcoming

Best regards,