Alerting and Grouping Questions

wiskbroom at wiskbroom at
Thu Nov 19 15:43:40 CET 2009

Hello All;

I currently have my bb-hosts file setup in the following way:

--- bb-hosts ---

subpage windowsDC Windows DC Servers

title <H3><I>Windows DC Servers</H3></I>


include site1-windowsDC.txt

include site2-windowsDC.txt

The reason for this is so that I can easily and quickly add hosts into a file using a name that is relevant to the host. Also, this would allow me to monitor it on more than one page. (I.e. I can monitor site-1's DC servers on the subpage just for site-1, but I can also display it under my subpage/page for my entire organizations DC servers).  This will help make future node rollouts and deletions far easier since I can now delegate authority to others to simply edit these files containing only the hosts they are responsible for monitoring.

What I'd like to do is to have my alerts fall under the same method, i.e. any hosts belonging to "subpage windowsDC" would have its processes (PROC) defined using "windowsDC" in hobbit-clients.cfg, and its recipients for alerts also specified by the groupname "windowsDC" within hobbit-alerts.cfg.  

Is this possible? I've not been able to make it work and was wondering if perhaps I am attempting the impossible.

Thank you,



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