[hobbit] centralized configuration - external scripts

Olivier AUDRY olivier at audry.fr
Thu Nov 19 15:12:50 CET 2009


perhaps check this


Please report your experience. I'll planned this for my 8k hosts one day I have time.



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Objet: [hobbit] centralized configuration - external scripts

Hi guys, 

just like we use the file hobbit-clients.cfg to manage DISK, CPU, PROCS etc. for each client, we would like to have a centralized configuration for the external scripts. 

So far I tested two things: 

1) Server-side check: 
bb-hosts entry (for the external scripts), additional code entry in the external scripts (for bbhostgrep), etc. 

Problem: this seems to work only with "Network checks" which will be done from Server-side to check the clients, like advanced ftp/ping/ssh script etc. It doesnt work for scripts, wich have to run on the clients, like mysql checks. 

the entry ONHOST in the hobbitlaunch.cfg. 

Problem: this is not working for me... i tought with this entry Hobbit would be able to issue an order to the client and then execute the command in the client, but when looking into the logfiles, i see that Hobbit have to find the external script on the Hobbit-Server (i think its the same result as in Problem 1). I tought it would work as a "bb-bbextab"... but the MAN Pages says it has to be configured on the server.... 

So guys, do i have another way to manage this external scripts (which have to be run on the clients) in the Hobbit-Server? 


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