[hobbit] "Hobbit" name legal stuff; slight name change will happen

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The issue with colour blindness is that it's not the same for everyone.
Some people can't see red, others can't see green, still others can't
see easily see blue (simplified, but close enough for this discussion).
So, we could try and include multiple colour schemes, multiple shape
schemes, or both. 
For the sake of simplicity I reckon on the multiple shapes idea (or
simply changing the shapes that we currently use, but it's nice to be
given choices).

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	If you've ever been to a real NOC, you'll notice that they
usually have a large set of displays that are set up around the room for
viewing problems at a glance.  I can understand where they would be
viewing from a distance.


	Ideally, to aid color blind folks (I work with a guy that has
Macular Degeneration and requires a special application that reverses
his video) and those that are visually impaired, the icon set should
have different shapes associated with them as well.  I'd have to go look
but I think Steve Aiello's set on The Shire are this way.




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	I'm sorry...from a distance?
	It's a computer screen, not a TV.
	You can make your own custom smilies anyways.  Just overwrite
the images.
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	On Saturday 02 August 2008, Thomas Leavitt wrote:
	> My wife is a professional web/graphic designer.
	> I'll ask her to play around with creating another set of
icons, although
	> Steve's should be acceptable to the PHB types.
	> I do have to say that no one here has grumbled at me about the
name or
	> the iconss.

	I received some remarks from some of my collegaes.  4 of them
have color
	blindness and it's very dificult to see the differences between
the smileys
	from a distance.

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