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Re: [hobbit] problem apt

Larry Barber wrote:
In order to monitor /var/log/messages the hobbit user must be able to read the file, which by default is only readable by root. You either add hobbit to the root group, or what I usually do is make /var/log/messages use the hobbit group id.

You also need to install the postfixadm package, see the apt-get man page for details. This package is necessary to run the postfix mail server.

Larry Barber

On Thu, Feb 25, 2010 at 4:39 PM, mickael <debian (at) robertain.com <mailto:debian (at) robertain.com>> wrote:

    Hi ,
    I'm new user hobbit and i must migrate our solution monitoring
    nagios to hobbit . I test hobbit from VM with a client and a
    server. I have some problems : first : i obtain this message :
    Packages not installed from apt repositories:
     postfixadmin (2.3)

    How to edit hobbit no longer have this error ?
    Second problem i obtain this error : No entries in /var/log/messages
    Full log /var/log/messages
    Cannot open logfile /var/log/messages : Permission denied

    What user hobbit use for open a file on the system ? Thank you for
    your help
    Best Regards , Mickael

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Ok i put hobbit in the root group .
For postfixadm , it already work correctly , i don't need install the packages with apt. I just want , don't have the error :
Packages not installed from apt repositories:
postfixadmin (2.3)