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TS - HOLIDAY shown from 'info' icon

I am running 4.3.0-0.beta2 on Cent OS 5.3 and 5.4.

Hope this assists others in setting up Xymon.


I have the holidays working and the date in the MM/DD format.

                Some how the hobbit-holidays.cfg file did not get copied
over upon installation.

                I copied it over to the correct location (see below).

                I also found that you cannot have more than one space
between the data pairs:

                                e.g.  =static month=99 day=88 or the
line does not show.


                I also added the line to the top of bb-hosts:

                         .default.               #


                I also added the line to hobbitserver.cfg to fix the
date format:



The question I have, is why when I select the 'info' icon do I get a
listings of:

                Holidays 2009 (us)   and another listing for Holidays
2010 (us)?

There is only one location to set the holidays for the year in

So why do I get two columns with different headings?

Is there a way to only show the current holiday year?




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