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purple status for hosts - SOLVED! (kinda)

I FINALLY found why some hosts are going purple.

The issue is in hobbitd.c:

if (strncmp(msg, "status+", 7) == 0) {
		validity = durationvalue(msg+7);

msg is something like:
status+30 28512dbtst.conn green <!-- [flags:OrdAstLe] --> Tue Feb 16
11:39:43 2010 conn ok

durationvalue is parsing the duration as 28512 days and returning 28512
days in minutes which when later multiplied by 60 and added to "now"
sets the valid time to a negative number.

This happens with all hosts starting with a number but if the first char
after the starting numbers isn't a m, h, d, or w then minutes looks to
be assumed.

Now to fix it...