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RE: [hobbit] How Can I Change ping Frequency to every 30 Seconds?

> From: bgmilne (at) staff.telkomsa.net

> On Wednesday, 10 February 2010 16:28:56 wiskbroom (at) hotmail.com wrote:
>> All;
>> I would like to modify ping to every 30 seconds over the next two weeks,
> Set the interval of the bbnet task in hobbitlaunch.cfg on your servers running
> this task. However, you may want to verify the trends on the graphs on the
> bbtest pages for these hosts first, to verify whether you have in the past been
> able to complete all network testing in that time reliably.

Thanks as always Buchan.  Sine my server I am using is fairly new, the
load and times to complete testing ar e all fine at the moment, so I've
gone ahead and modified bbnet in hobbitlaunch.cfg to a 1 min.

>> I
>> believe it is every 5 minutes as that is the frequency shown on my "conn"
>> RRD graphs.
> No, network testing intervals are not necessarily aligned to the RRD graph
> resolution.

How, and where can I make sure that rrd graphs are
regenerating at the same interval, or at least every 2 minutes?

>> Is this possible? Is it possible to change the frequency for just one host
>> and not all of my hosts?
> No, only for the task. However, you can run multiple bbnet tasks, and have
> them test different devices ...