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Re: [hobbit] How Can I Change ping Frequency to every 30 Seconds?

On Wednesday, 10 February 2010 16:28:56 wiskbroom (at) hotmail.com wrote:
> All;
> I would like to modify ping to every 30 seconds over the next two weeks,

Set the interval of the bbnet task in hobbitlaunch.cfg on your servers running 
this task. However, you may want to verify the trends on the graphs on the 
bbtest pages for these hosts first, to verify whether you have in the past been 
able to complete all network testing in that time reliably.

> I
>  believe it is every 5 minutes as that is the frequency shown on my "conn"
>  RRD graphs. 

No, network testing intervals are not necessarily aligned to the RRD graph 

> Is this possible?  Is it possible to change the frequency for just one host
>  and not all of my hosts?

No, only for the task. However, you can run multiple bbnet tasks, and have 
them test different devices ...