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RE: [hobbit] Need Help Configuring BBWin on DMZ

Another approach to this is to install a cygwin ssh server on the
windows host and configure it to use a reverse ssh tunnel. This is the
approach we use at our company and works quite well




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> My windows machine exists on a DMZ which has no access to my xymon
server.  My xymon server however has access to the DMZ located windows
client.  I wish to have the windows DMZ client collect its own data and
hold it for the Xymon server, which in turn will get it with a
datafetch. My restrictions are based on rules from our security team and
are not negotiable.  I do not wish to create a VM running the Xymon
server, although doing that will require the bb-proxy, which I assume is
what you were referring to as proxy?
You can disregard what I was saying about the proxy system as this is 
used for multiple clients to send data to which the forwards this onto 
the main hobbit server. I did not know if you meant a single client or 
multiple but now I see you mean a single client

OK. So this windows client is the only client you wish to collect data 
from? In that case the hobbitfetch command uses msgcache to queue the 
messages. In this case I do not know if the BBWin client will support 
this functionality


This is for the BBWin 0.11 client. So with standard tools you will 
probably not be able to do what you want.

As for the VM yes the proxy I was refering to was bb-proxy. It is 
somewhat convuluted, and I am not sure if this would actually work but:

WinServer ----> HobbitProxy VM / msgcache <-------- Real hobbit server.

Does anyone know if you can use a combination of msgcache and



>>>> I think you need to look at the proxy system here
>>> Can you please describe what in the proxy I should be looking
>> First things first :)
>> Iain
> Thanks,
> .vadim
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