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Re: [hobbit] Need Help Configuring BBWin on DMZ

wiskbroom (at) hotmail.com wrote:

I am trying to get BBWin installed on a box within a DMZ, my intention is to set this up so that the server pulls the data from the client.

BBwin is a client, not a server so you are probably on a loser here....

My BBWin.cfg has this:

    <setting name="bbdisplay" value="" />
    <!-- <setting name="bbdisplay" value="yoursecondbbdisplay:port" />-->
    <!-- BB Pager Part -->
    <setting name="usepager" value="false" />
    <setting name="bbpager" value="" />
    <setting name="pagerlevels" value="red yellow" /> --

I've tried various settings to the above, none allow me to telnet to localhost onto port 1984.  There is no firewall, yet, preventing me from doing so.  The windows agent has been started.

Yes. The client does not listen on port 1984. That is the server

I think you need to look at the proxy system here



Somewhat related, although not yet at this step, are my servers settings, please see below.

My bb-hosts file will contain: my-hostname # nconn hobbitfetch pulldata

The host is not-pingable, but I do allow outbound port 1984 to it.

The only other changes I am adding are to hobbitlaunch.cfg on my server:
          # DISABLED  <-- Comment it
          ENVFILE /hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
          CMD $BBHOME/bin/hobbitfetch --server= --no-daemon
--pidfile=$BBSERVERLOGS/hobbitfetch.pid <-- replace the IP by your Hobbit server one LOGFILE $BBSERVERLOGS/hobbitfetch.log
FYI: My Xymon servers IP is

Thank you,


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