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Re: [hobbit] Need Help Configuring BBWin on DMZ

BBwin is a client, not a server so you are probably on a loser here....

Based on your response, so is the "client" that is compiled, but "it" can be setup in this manner, although I've never done so, yet...

Well - you did not compile the BBWin client did you/

You need the hobbit / xymon server package and a linux / unix server. If you wanna test this I guess you could setup a VM on your windows machine

My BBWin.cfg has this:

I've tried various settings to the above, none allow me to telnet to localhost onto port 1984. There is no firewall, yet, preventing me from doing so. The windows agent has been started.

Yes. The client does not listen on port 1984. That is the server

I recall seeing this described in a thread sometime ago, but for *nix clients, are you saying that it will just not work at all on a windows client?  What about using the BB windows agent?

Again - BB windows agent is a client and not a server

AFAIU you are trying to setup a system whereby you have a DMZ, and clients within the DMZ can send their status to a server on the DMZ which then forwards onto the main server OR you want a server within the DMZ to be able to pull the data from your clients and send them to the server. Is this correct? Which are you trying to achieve?

I think you need to look at the proxy system here

Can you please describe what in the proxy I should be looking at/for?

First things first :)


Many thanks,


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