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hobbit feature: backlog data delivery possible ?


I am wondering if the following request will be possible to implement
or not. The idea is that we like to see a more robust/resilient xymon

Scenario: if the xymon server ( or group of servers ) is down due to
network outage or system failure, all the client's data/status/metrics
will be missing during the down time window.

If there is a backlog mechanism, the client can still deliver the data
to hobbit server. Although the status alerts will be meaningless and
should be ignored, the system statistcis ( netstat/ifstat/load
average/vmstat/filesystem usage... etc ) will still be logged to the
rrd. The key to such implementation is to have hobbitd_rrd log the
data with the appropriate timestamp from the client incoming data,
instead of the current system time, if the data is sent with a backlog
flag. Otherwise if there is no backlog flag, use the system time stamp
to update the rrd.

I'd appreciate if some can tell me if such feature can be achieved by
using current xymon releases ( 4.2 to 4.3 )