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Centralized bbwin hobbit-clients not working for proc and ports

I'm trying to configure monitoring for windows servers so that I get
alerts when ports such as 80 and 443 are not available. I understand
that I have to set the servers to central mode and have done so on 1
client server for a test as below.


<!-- bbwin mode local or central -->
<setting name="mode" value="central" />
<setting name="configclass" value="win32" />



My hobbit-client.cfg file has the following:



            PROC BBWin.exe 1

            PORT "LOCAL=%(:80|:443)" state=LISTEN TEXT=http and https


Unfortunately this is not working! I get white entries on the main
status page with "No process to check" for proc and just a "-" for
ports. I am getting the "Client Data" available for proc with current
date and time, but the status of the actual page is reading as last
updated back in November when I first changed the bbwin mode.


Any ideas where I am going wrong? 


(We have a solaris server being monitored from the same box and using
the same config file and both proc and ports are working fine for this.)