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> This could be the network is too congested.

That seems unlikely.  The Xymon server and clients are all on one of two VM
clusters, so there aren't a lot of "hops" and the bandwidth is very high.

The Xymon client is one of two AD controllers, named dir1 and dir2.  The
one with purple alerts is dir2.  On dir1, we also have .1x authentication,
but they're otherwise pretty much the same.  Their biggest difference is
RAM:  8GB for dir1 and 4GB for dir2.  Do you think I should increase the
RAM?  Other than leaving Task Manager open at all times and hoping to catch
it as soon as the purple alert occurs, I'm not sure how to check if it's
running out of RAM.

> Or the computer is overloaded. Or even that it is sending messages that
> are too big (a frequent Windows problem in my experience – log files get so
> big).
Any way to check on the log size?

> Does it go purple for 1 minute, 5 minutes, 30 minutes?

I just looked at the log.  The purple alert durations are roughly 40
minutes each during the last three occasions.

If it helps, this server is an Active Directory domain controller, but it
is one of two and the other one (a) has more stuff running on it, such as
.1x authentication for our wifi and (b) isn't having this issue.

Thanks for the advice!

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