[Xymon] State of the art SMS alerting?

Phil Crooker Phil.Crooker at orix.com.au
Wed Jan 8 04:01:18 CET 2014

We used to have an old nokia phone and used a script driving the gnokii linux driver and a serial cable. There were a number of issues with this approach:

- the phone kept filling up with reply SMSs (we also used it for general business SMS)
- the power supply would become unplugged or the phone would be powered off, serial cable unplugged, etc
- queue handling was an issue as the local MTA hands the message over to the sms script

It has been much more reliable using an external SMS service. We have two separate MTAs on two separate uplinks. I monitor both links for successful comms, if the primary goes down, I change the local mail server to point to the other MTA. I also monitor the queue lengths on all MTAs, so we are notified well before they get too full.

I believe one can send SMSs to an android phone via a USB cable but after a quick look didn't find any useful programs. Probably looking in the wrong place.

cheers, Phil
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Subject: [Xymon] State of the art SMS alerting?

Can anyone shed light on the current 'state of the art' for alerting by
SMS from Xymon? Are there recommended usb-modem/software combinations to
achieve this?

I'd like to have the option of sending alerts from my Xymon server
without relying on email->SMS gateways. (When I need to announce that
the mail queue has reached critical, it seems foolish to try to dispatch
that alert by mail.)

I'm running Xymon on Solaris which will ultimately limit my options, but
I'm interested in any information you have to share.
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