[hobbit] Hobbit 4.0 beta-6 available

Henrik Storner henrik at hswn.dk
Mon Jan 24 22:45:09 CET 2005

In <12C0877BF55C7748BDDB82BDBD3E66F1378A5D at franklin.corp.shutterfly.com> "Bruce Lysik" <blysik at shutterfly.com> writes:

>Why use 'make setup'?  The make file basically suggests 'make
> install' for existing installations:

>Build complete.
>To setup a new Hobbit server from scratch, now run 'make setup' as root
>To upgrade an existing Hobbit/BB server, now run 'make install' as root

Hey, you're asking me to be logical - that's unfair! :-))

>What's the difference?  I used 'make install' and added HEARTBEAT.

The main difference is that "make setup" also installs the files
in ~/server/www/ and ~/server/web/, and adds any missing files to
~/server/etc .

Normally when upgrading, you probably shouldn't install these, since
it is quite likely that you have modified them to setup a custom
look'n'feel for your Hobbit installation. But during the beta test,
I've had to modify these files a few times - fixing documentation
bugs, adding new files - and therefore I've asked you to run "make

Either one should work fine for upgrading from beta-5 to beta-6.


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