[Xymon] Issue with NOCOLUMNS in default section of hosts.cfg

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Thu Mar 26 16:43:19 CET 2020

I take a slightly different approach.  Instead of leaving all the 
defaults active and trying to hide certain columns, I use the 
'group-only' option in my hosts.cfg file to only display the columns 
that I want to see for certain lists of hosts.  This way I can 
statically add/remove columns as desired. It works great for lists of 
hosts that I'm only pinging or checking for http uptime.  It also gives 
me an easy way to move the columns around to display in the order that I 
prefer.  I also have my stuff sorted using the 'page' option which keeps 
things even more organized.


Feel free to email me for hosts.cfg samples.

Thank You,
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On 3/26/20 9:19 AM, James B Huber wrote:
> This is doubtless a completely STUPID question.
> Have been using Xymon since BB, then Hobbit days...recently upgraded to
> 4.3.30 and moved/replaced the main host it was running on.
> To the point, I have everything working, but... on the main display, I
> have getting columns for "files" and "ports".
> More to the point, previously this worked. I have an entry at the TOP
> of the hosts.cfg file that looks like this:
> # hosts.cfg file
> .default.       NOCOLUMNS:ports,files
>   joshua.judahnet.net     # conn dns ntp bbd smtp ssh
>   ezekiel.judahnet.net    # conn dns ntp smtp ssh
> And it worked..
> I have tried changing that line to
> .default.       #NOCOLUMNS:ports,files
> OR
>        .default.       #NOCOLUMNS:ports,files
> OR
>        .default.       NOCOLUMNS:ports,files
> None of them work...
> I can append on the END of all the individual HOSTS lines
> "NOCOLUMNS:ports,files"... and that works...
> What am I doing wrong with default section ?
> Jim
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