[Xymon] Issue with NOCOLUMNS in default section of hosts.cfg

James B Huber jbh at genesis-net.net
Thu Mar 26 16:19:28 CET 2020

This is doubtless a completely STUPID question.

Have been using Xymon since BB, then Hobbit days...recently upgraded to
4.3.30 and moved/replaced the main host it was running on.

To the point, I have everything working, but... on the main display, I
have getting columns for "files" and "ports".

More to the point, previously this worked. I have an entry at the TOP
of the hosts.cfg file that looks like this:
# hosts.cfg file
.default.       NOCOLUMNS:ports,files   joshua.judahnet.net     # conn dns ntp bbd smtp ssh   ezekiel.judahnet.net    # conn dns ntp smtp ssh

And it worked..
I have tried changing that line to 
.default.       #NOCOLUMNS:ports,files
OR        .default.       #NOCOLUMNS:ports,files
OR        .default.       NOCOLUMNS:ports,files

None of them work...

I can append on the END of all the individual HOSTS lines
"NOCOLUMNS:ports,files"... and that works...

What am I doing wrong with default section ?


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