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I use NSIS for this but unfortunately I don’t think I can share much as it's quite environment-specific in a corporate environment.


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I have most of what you need using vbs - was too hard to get powershell to execute reliably without a signing certificate.
Put this vbs file in the same folder as all the client pieces and run it, it will ask you to confirm the hostname and then install all the pieces and ask you if you want to start the service. You will probably want to edit the script to at least change the address of the xymon server.



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Hi, has someone created a single script or executable that end users can easily run that will install the client without me having to manually sit at each workstation and download and run all the commands by hand.
Probably easiest would be a zip file that contains an 'install.bat' that performs the following functions.

1. Create new xymon folder in C:\Program Files\ 2. Extract preconfigured Xymon PSClient xml, ps1, and nssm files from zip and save them in the new C:\Program Files\xymon\ folder while making sure that Windows hasn't blocked them.
3. Install the client by running the following PS commands with Admin privileges.  I've attempted a single script for this but can't get it to work.
     Set-ExecutionPolicy RemoteSigned
     cd 'C:\Program Files\xymon\'
     .\xymonclient.ps1 install
     .\xymonclient.ps1 start

Thank You,
Kris Springer

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