[Xymon] alert on PROC only during certain time

Kris Springer kspringer at innovateteam.com
Wed Dec 5 22:43:58 CET 2018

I need to configure my analysis.cfg file to check if a specific process 
on a specific host is NOT running during a specific time. That is, if 
the process IS running during that time I want it to flag red.  I don't 
care if it's running any other time of the day. I've reviewed the man 
pages and tried a few different settings with no success.  I'm hoping 
someone could send me a functioning sample config.

Here's what I've got in analysis.cfg

*HOST=CamViewer  EXTIME=*:2200:2400**
**    PROC    CamSoftware*

Kris Springer

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