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There’s a section in the doc file for XymonPSClient headed “External data” which describes the file in detail.

Here’s a copy / paste of the format from that section:


GROUPCOLOUR – red, yellow or green – the colour for the group

+LIFETIME – optional – how long before Xymon should turn the status purple if no further results are received, specified in minutes (but supports 'h', 'd' or 'w' suffix e.g. 5h for 5 hours)

MESSAGE  - the message to be displayed. This message can span multiple lines and can include “&colour” e.g. &green / &yellow / &red to display a subtest with the corresponding coloured GIF.

For example, the external script fsmon supplied with the BBWin source writes external files with the following contents:

green 14/01/2016 14:37:07 [SERVER1]

&green checking directory extdirtest 'c:\temp' - Rules are <50 and <100 - Actually 5 file(s)

Here the group colour is green and the subtest colour is also green, no lifetime has been specified so the result will turn purple after the default interval if no more test results are sent.

Note that you can also do this with BBWin if that’s what you’re using, and the message can include html as per your requirement.



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Thanks I’ll see if I can get permission to install the PowerShell client and create files on the client machine.  Can you send me an example of the file you place in c:\..\..\tmp ?

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Like Zak said, just write your HTML page to a file then place it in the c:\..\..\tmp and it should be picked up within 5mins. The filename will reflect the test name on the xymon web page. I have a couple of sched tasks that work this way.

On Wed, Jun 28, 2017 at 5:06 AM, Beck, Zak <zak.beck at accenture.com<mailto:zak.beck at accenture.com>> wrote:

I’m not familiar with xymon-powershell.ps1, but I don’t see why not, the server certainly supports it (we do it all the time in the Powershell client).

Bear in mind for powershell, the escape character for those double-quotes is backtick (`), as in:

"<table width=`"100%`">"

You may want to switch to the Windows Powershell client, it allows you to schedule and run external scripts or pick up data from external text files, so whatever is calling xymon-powershell.ps1 could just write a text file in the correct format to c:\program files\xymon\tmp and it would get sent…




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Is there a way to send an html table through the xymon-powershell.ps1 script?

I currently use bb-central where I have a Linux script that runs on the xymon server. I’m able to send the html table with the following

OBJFILE="<iframe name=\"locktbl\" src=\"/hobbit/dba/${RHOST}/${MNAME}-lock.html\" frameborder=\"no\" height=\"600\" width=\"1200\"></iframe>"
        ${OBJFILE} "

The status line is very similar to the xymon-powershell.ps1 input

powershell -file xymon-powershell.ps1 %XYMSRV% "status %COMPUTERNAME%.mytest green %DATE% %TIME%" "The status of 'mytest' is 'satisfactory' at %DATE% %TIME%" "" "here's the last line"

I basically want to replace the "The status of 'mytest' is 'satisfactory' at %DATE% %TIME%" with an html table.

Thank you for your help


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