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Of course monitoring for the Xymon Client sounds reasonable except for one important part:

-          If it’s not running its not sending statuses back to the server and thus it will never show the client services as anything other than started.

The tests instead will go purple.  ☺

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I would assume it’s just  putting this into the analysis.cfg file for the host you want to monitor:

SVC XymonPSClient status=started startup=automatic

However… not sure that will do anything useful? If the service stops it will never send the data to the xymon server  so the alert would never trigger, not for the status anyway. As long as you have alerting setup for stuff going purple then you should be fine.



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For those wishing to switch, here's my notes on uninstalling BBWin, since I didn't find any.  All this assumes one is using the Administrator account, or at least an account with Administrator privileges.  Also, if you use zip somewhere else to package up the WinPSClient files, do NOT use cygwin's unzip to extract them; it will get some Windows permissions wrong, and nssm (if not more) won't work properly.  Aside from that, I haven't figured out how to use the svcs test to detect that the XymonPSClient service is running; maybe I can change it to check for nssm, or have procs check for nssm.  But otherwise, WinPSClient seems to be working as well or better as BBWin did on Windows 8, at least on the Windows 10.1 VM on my Mac laptop.

To remove BBWin:

Stop the BBWin service (may be named Big Brother Xymon Client) using the
usual service management GUI.

Remove the service; from command line: sc delete BBWin

Once that's done, some quick regedit searches seem to show no leftovers in
the registry.

Remove the software; from the command line: rd/s "Program Files (x86)\BBWin"

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Hi Kris,

believe me, it’s always better to write settings on server side instead of client side.

And, for windows clients, I strongly suggest you to switch to the Zak’s great powershell client, you can get out from svn

"svn checkout http://svn.code.sf.net/p/xymon/code/sandbox/WinPSClient<https://urldefense.proofpoint.com/v2/url?u=http-3A__svn.code.sf.net_p_xymon_code_sandbox_WinPSClient&d=DwMGaQ&c=eIGjsITfXP_y-DLLX0uEHXJvU8nOHrUK8IrwNKOtkVU&r=u6KtIBCRNAeN-AbgJjdZe5zZJVFEfq04dnWD-hYNPL_fxJIIFncbL8W6k0NMJtuq&m=2LLVwzjuwWtD2msAwi88xfviUQVcsmgYQxlyCBS0tbQ&s=Q0HJ-IHcGjBIEfh2BvmDsanePlTeIsN0SJD6Qh5cGDs&e=>  ."

This behaves more like a linux client, and that’s cool


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Understood about the server doing the deciphering of the client data.  Strange that the Windows clients are easily adjusted on the client end.

I don't have an analysis.d folder.  I think I'll just add the custom levels into the analysis.cfg file and see what happens.

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