[Xymon] proc : multiple alerts?

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I am leaning towards some fancy footwork in an alert script. I believe this will be do-able in xymon 5, so I am just going to code something in the interim.

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Speaking of reusabe code - it might be possible to re-purpose Jeremy Laidman's fs-test:

It looks at the "disk" column and creates new columns for any filesystems that show non-green.  Once the "disk" column goes green again, it deletes the extra columns. You could adapt that to look in the procs list and create new columns that group system procs in one place, dba procs in another, etc.

Ralph Mitchell

On Mon, Oct 7, 2013 at 7:12 AM, Betsy Schwartz <betsy.schwartz at gmail.com> wrote:

> BUT – if the procs-column is already
in the red-state, when the 2nd process goes bad, it wont trigger a notification…

That depends on your rules. If you have procs set to alert every five minutes while it is red, you will get repeated notifications. However if someone *acks* or signs it out, you wont.

There may be another way to slice this:
   -if one of these  services is listening on a port, you can do a custom ports test in protocols.cfg and alert on that

   -if one of these services is writing a log file or moving files around, use a files or msgs test

   -if there's a web service, use the CONT= feature to create a named http test and create an alert on that

Depending on the size of your shop , you may be able to sidestep another way. In our case, it turns out that giving the NOC privileges to run sudo /sbin/service along with some debugging documentation cut out a lot of pages all around :-)   I did end up doing a custom test in one case because testing on /sbin/service status was deemed to be preferable to just looking for the process . If you have to do a custom test for a proc, at least it's a very short test. 

Once you've written "do a system call and alert on results" you should have a fairly generic and reusable piece of code. 


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