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Thanks for the reply David, that got me half way there.  The examples I saw for Windows did not have the :20480 on the end, so that was why BBWin wasn't understanding.  Strange that it didn't log a problem with that line.  Now it's sending the data back, which is revealing another problem.  I'm monitoring the JK connector logs for problems under windows, and by default they have […] entries in them, which seems to be messing up Xymon's understanding of them as log entries.

This is from the msg.txt file on the BBWin client:
[Thu Mar 14 09:34:14.399 2013] [1968:3332] [info] jk_isapi_plugin.c (1783): isapi_redirect/1.2.26 initialized
[Thu Mar 14 09:34:14.399 2013] [1968:2840] [info] jk_isapi_plugin.c (1783): isapi_redirect/1.2.26 initialized

So it is sending the data to Xymon.  But when I go to the msgs screen in Xymon it shows no entries for that logfile.  I have no idea if you can change the logfile format, looking into that now.  If you or anyone has any further words of wisdom I'd appreciate hearing them.

Thanks David!

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Hey everyone,

Any ideas for monitoring a text log on Windows?  BBWin doesn't seem capable of doing it.  I didn’t want to reinvent the wheel if someone else had a solution or if I missed something.

As long as the filename is constant, BBWin can do this. In central mode I have in my client-local.cfg


If the file name changes - e.g. contains datestamp, that's another matter. I don't have a solution for that at present, been meaning to write a powershell script for a while...



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