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> Date: Wed, 13 Mar 2013 11:13:44 +0000
> From: Nick Pettefar <Nick at Pettefar.com>
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> Subject: [Xymon] xymonproxy SetUp Help Requested
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> I have an xymon client for a  NAS but the NAS is connected via another xymon client and is not reachable from the xymon server.  How would I set this up in the xymon server 
> configuration - does it need a hosts.cfg entry and if so, what would it look like?  On the client, do I give it the address of the xymon client running xymonproxy or the actual server?
> Regards,
> Nick Pettefar


 Sorry to "METOO!" this conversation, or dump any unnecessary noise into an already strong signal with this.

If you look at the Xymon source files (definitely present in more recent distribs) then you'll see that there is a "xymonproxy" sub-directory. This contains a Makefile and source codes when you run 'make' in this directory it (should) build a 'xymonproxy' binary. This binary installs into the client/bin sub-directory.

The columns.csv file contains this text:

"xymonproxy;The <b>xymonproxy</b> column shows the status of the Xymon xymonproxy task. xymonproxy is used to forward Xymon status-reports from one part of the network to another, so a failure of this task may result in servers that are not being monitored.;"

The important part, for me, is the "used to forward Xymon status-reports from one part of the network to another".

The setup I have is that I run a vm as a proxy, that has one NIC connected to a DMZ and one NIC connected to the monitoring network. Clients in the DMZ that run Xymon are configured to use the proxy system as their Xymon server. They are configured so that they report their status info to the proxy server. They do not need to know any more than that.

On the proxy system, the xymonproxy binary is run in daemon mode and is configured to use the actual Xymon server as its server.

In that way, the xymonproxy binary/system becomes a message path from the clients in the DMZ to the main Xymon server on the monitoring network.

The startup script on the proxy system looks like this:

   /disk1/xymon/client/bin/xymonproxy --server=<xymon-server-IP-addr> --daemon --logfile=/disk1/xymon/logs/proxylog.txt

The proxylog.txt logfile seems to receive a low number of status messages but can be quite informative.

There is no need to make any special configuration changes on the server. You just add details for the clients in your NAS network/DMZ as you need to.

I have only run this setup in the client->server communication mode, where the clients send their info into the server. I haven't tried any server to client pushes, as might be used for client configuration changes.

Hope that's of some use to you,
Steff Watkins

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