[Xymon] Acknowledged yellow alerts stays acknowlegded if they become Red.

B-Art Gillis bacaselo at gmail.com
Thu Dec 5 09:53:10 CET 2013

Two weeks ago one of our critical servers went down because we missed a
disk space alerts.

What was happening?
First, xymon was popping up a yellow warning, saying that the disk usage
was above the yellow treshold.
Our service desk operators acknowledged this warning twice, for one hour.
So they could follow up the disk space growth hour by hour.
For the 3rth acknowledgement however they acknowledged the warning for 8
hours. Within this time frame the disks reached the red treshold and ended
with a 100% occupation -> system down :-(

Xymon behaviour.
After some investigation I discovered that
- Acknowledged alerts stays acknowledged if their status changes from
yellow to red.
- For tests that are acknowledged, only a mail message is send if their
status changes.
- The acknowledge icon and time stays active if a test is changing.

My Request:
Is it possible to disable/reset the acknowledgement of a test if the status
of this test changes?
If Xymon act like that we wouldn't have missed that critical alert.

Kind regards,
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