[Xymon] Netbackup client status script?

Ricardo Stella stella at rider.edu
Thu Oct 25 17:14:26 CEST 2012

We are finally migrating out of Tivoli to Symantec's Netbackup.  We
currently have a backup tab for each client which would report some
stats - number of files, number of bytes, and status.

Looking at doing something similar, however, it seems that most of the
status commands are only available to be run on the netbackup master or
media servers.

I've found the following nagios script: 

But in order not to reinvent the wheel, does anyone have something
similar?  Further, our master and media servers are running windows,
which makes scripting a little more challenging.

If not, if I install the media server bits on a linux box (without
registering it on the netbackup domain) would this be enough to query
the DB and produce reports?  If so, perl or bash would do it.

Thanks in advance...

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