[Xymon] Feature request

Shannon Anderson sanderson at CORNETSER.com
Tue Oct 30 22:24:07 CET 2012

Funny you ask, from the creator of BBWin GUI comes MAGMA (A XYMON System for the text fileless user)

I just happen to be creating that very thing.

I will be releasing it as full VM appliance instead of a download and install to help save config time.

The appliance has a CENTOS 5 LINUX, XYMON, MYSQL, PHP all preinstalled and ready to start using, just add your hosts and select the external tests you want to apply, log types to monitor, and set all thresholds for Memory, cpu, disk, procs, ports and services strait from a web GUI. I also changed up the look of the interface. The agents should be in "central" mode.

I been testing it on IPAD to make sure all menus and functions work on handhelds.

I am beta testing it now so people can expect a release in 30 day or so. If interested shot me an email and I will send you mail when released.

This may not be for the hardened XYMon user who likes the granulator of text file configs but for the other 98% of the admins out there this would be a perfect interface to XYMON clients.

Some screenshots:

Main View

[cid:image001.png at 01CDB6C2.1A273460]

Edit Hosts

[cid:image002.png at 01CDB6C2.1A273460]

Edit host tests

[cid:image003.png at 01CDB6C2.95251B00]

Set alerts

[cid:image004.png at 01CDB6C3.26146080]

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Hi all,

is there any project/roadmap to implement a HTML5 GUI with a browsable host tree ?


Massimo Morsiani

Information Technology Dept.


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