[Xymon] getting xymon to work with win2008r2 clents in centralmode

Jeremy Laidman jlaidman at rebel-it.com.au
Tue Oct 2 07:18:12 CEST 2012

On 1 October 2012 23:42, Andersson Tomas <tomas.andersson at sca.com> wrote:

> Hi there !
> Has anybody got xymon to function properly with windows 2008r2 clients in
> central mode ??
> I get it to function properly using local mode but I want to use central
> mode usinf the latest BBwin 0.13.

Sorry, I don't monitor any Windows boxes.  But I'll try to give helpful

> The OS-name whithin brackets [ ]   is this name win32 for windows 2008r2
> also or should this "OS-name" (uname on all unixlike machines) be specified
> to something else like win64 on windows 2008r2 machines or ??

The OS options are win32, bbwin and powershell.  You probably want "bbwin".

> Is there a command that xymon uses to figure out the os type on windows
> server or how does this function ??

Xymon looks for the OS type in the client data.  Look at your Windows
server's client data to and see the line in the [collector:] section.
 Here's an example for a Linux host:

client server001.linux linux
Tue Oct  2 14:49:32 EST 2012

In this case, the OS type being reported by the client is "linux"
(immediately after the hostname) and the host class is also "linux".
 Typically, these are the same, but the host class can be overridden on the
client (eg by setting "configclass" in the bbwin.cfg file).

Is it possible to specify [] or [*] as a default entry in the
> client-local.cfg on the xymon server ???

No.  Because the OS configurations are stored in a binary tree, the match
must be exact.

But you can override the OS name with a matching hostname if you like.  If
the hostname matches, that will be used.  Otherwise, the OS will be used.

[The code for clientlocal seems to suggest that you can usurp the selection
of OS if the host class matches instead.  But I can't find confirmation of
this in the doco.  This is probably not helpful to you.]

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