[Xymon] getting xymon to work with win2008r2 clents in centralmode

Andersson Tomas tomas.andersson at sca.com
Mon Oct 1 15:42:17 CEST 2012

Hi there !
Has anybody got xymon to function properly with windows 2008r2 clients in central mode ??
I get it to function properly using local mode but I want to use central mode usinf the latest BBwin 0.13.

When we tried to specify central mode we found that there was some problem for the BBWin to create the logfile to be sent to the xymon server
Apparently since the bbwin was installed in the ...Program files (x86) folder and after quoting the Path parameter in the bbwin config file
It suddenly started creating  a huge 67 MB ! file to send (included all event error and application logs ...).

So we then configured the client-local.cfg on the xymon server to try to ignore those.
Unfortunately the xymon server did not send the client-local.cfg to the client.

the file client-local.cfg on the server where you specify what log files should be sent back to the server  and what text matching you want
the syntax is like:

ignore Success
ignore Information
ignore Information



The OS-name whithin brackets [ ]   is this name win32 for windows 2008r2 also or should this "OS-name" (uname on all unixlike machines) be specified to something else like win64 on windows 2008r2 machines or ??
Is there a command that xymon uses to figure out the os type on windows server or how does this function ??

Is it possible to specify [] or [*] as a default entry in the client-local.cfg on the xymon server ???

Best Regards,
/Tomas Andersson

Unix System Admin/Tech/Dev
SCA IT Services

Tel. +46 31 7460313
Mob. +46 703 610313

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