[xymon] FILES syntax error?

Tim McCloskey tm at freedom.com
Fri Nov 19 18:20:21 CET 2010


One thing I can remember about the client config is that the DEFAULT stanza must appear last.  I'm using 4.2.0 and the syntax below is working for me.  (you don't need the GROUP statement for this).

HOST=someserver GROUP=somegroup
FILE /somepath/somefile SIZE<55M and SIZE>0 red

I can test with another line (HOST=newserver) and see the results.  Will let you know later.


From: Rolf Schrittenlocher [schritte at hebis.uni-frankfurt.de]
Sent: Friday, November 19, 2010 12:30 AM
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Subject: [xymon] FILES syntax error?

Hi to all,

as I got no answer yet I try again: As far as I understand the
man-pages, the syntax of the snippet from hobbit-clients.cfg is correct.
Could anyone approve that or tell me what is wrong?

That would be very helpful, thanks,

The question I posted as "FILES for different hosts" was:
seeming rather simple but I cannot find the solution. I'm monitoring
some files with md5 checksum for changes. All those files had the same
md5 on all servers:
FILE /usr/bin/ps MTIME>600 MD5=facb1ea65094c87058df4f0ffdf7306a         red

Now a new server has a different installation so I added him in
hobbit-clients.cfg above the first entry:
FILE /usr/bin/ps MTIME>600 MD5=76b66713137851c1407fd9ea20785bc0
HOST=<new host>      red
FILE /usr/bin/ps MTIME>600 MD5=facb1ea65094c87058df4f0ffdf7306a         red

But for the check the old entry is used:

File has MD5 hash 76b66713137851c1407fd9ea20785bc0  - should be

Could you give me a hint? Thanks!
Rolf Schrittenlocher

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