FILES syntax error?

Rolf Schrittenlocher schritte at
Fri Nov 19 09:30:02 CET 2010

Hi to all,

as I got no answer yet I try again: As far as I understand the 
man-pages, the syntax of the snippet from hobbit-clients.cfg is correct. 
Could anyone approve that or tell me what is wrong?

That would be very helpful, thanks,

The question I posted as "FILES for different hosts" was:
seeming rather simple but I cannot find the solution. I'm monitoring 
some files with md5 checksum for changes. All those files had the same 
md5 on all servers:
FILE /usr/bin/ps MTIME>600 MD5=facb1ea65094c87058df4f0ffdf7306a         red

Now a new server has a different installation so I added him in 
hobbit-clients.cfg above the first entry:
FILE /usr/bin/ps MTIME>600 MD5=76b66713137851c1407fd9ea20785bc0 
HOST=<new host>      red
FILE /usr/bin/ps MTIME>600 MD5=facb1ea65094c87058df4f0ffdf7306a         red

But for the check the old entry is used:

File has MD5 hash 76b66713137851c1407fd9ea20785bc0  - should be 

Could you give me a hint? Thanks!
Rolf Schrittenlocher

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