[xymon] No recieving alert for msgs columns was Re: Getting Xymon alerts to the desktop

Henrik Størner henrik at hswn.dk
Tue Nov 9 10:58:26 CET 2010

In <F760333D92AC9F4C9015F079340AB04503B28FA6 at FSPOSTA.poledi.dom> "Alessandro Tinivelli" <alessandro.tinivelli at monrif.net> writes:

>how can i set up hobbit in the way it never becomes red for 'msgs'
>colums which, on windows servers, always become red for not as important

>is it possible from server configuration or i need to set up bbwin cfg
>files? (i don't have centralized its config)

Add "--nopropred=msgs" to the bbgen-command in your hobbitserver.cfg


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