No recieving alert for msgs columns was Re: Getting Xymon alerts to the desktop

Alessandro Tinivelli alessandro.tinivelli at
Tue Nov 9 10:55:46 CET 2010

Hi all, i find this program really useful but....
how can i set up hobbit in the way it never becomes red for 'msgs'
colums which, on windows servers, always become red for not as important

is it possible from server configuration or i need to set up bbwin cfg
files? (i don't have centralized its config)

thank you for helping

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Hi there,

we've got wall monitors showing different xymon status pages, email and
pim notification configured. But, often when it comes to failures, no
one notices this instantly because of doing work and having the focus on
For this reason, I decided to write a desktop notifier. A small icon at
the system tray shows the current color of the configured xymon page, if
the color changes, a balloon message pops up and virtually any command
can be triggered.

As this might be useful for someone else, I've published it at

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