[hobbit] "Main View" Help Needed

Richard Finegold goldfndr at gmail.com
Thu Nov 19 06:20:16 CET 2009

On Mon, Nov 16, 2009 at 13:33,  <wiskbroom at hotmail.com> wrote:
> Great idea, thank you.  Some questions, aside from learning to to generate another pageset, say bb3.html, would all of the other environ variables be the same?  Where does bbgen actually create bb.html, and should I just insert additional code in that file to create a new file?

Well... the environ variables will require minor tweaks; see below.
The directive to bbgen is in hobbitlaunch.cfg. My settings look like

        ENVFILE /home/hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
        NEEDS hobbitd
        GROUP generators
        CMD bbgen $BBGENOPTS --report
        LOGFILE $BBSERVERLOGS/bb-display.log
        INTERVAL 1m

        ENVFILE /home/hobbit/server/etc/hobbitserver.cfg
        NEEDS hobbitd
        GROUP generators
        CMD /home/hobbit/server/ext/city-display.sh
        LOGFILE $BBSERVERLOGS/city-display.log
        INTERVAL 2m

(the city pages aren't used as often, so they aren't generated as often.)

My city-display.sh is similar to the bbgen call, but the BBGENOPTS
from hobbitserver.cfg isn't what I wanted.

$BBHOME/bin/bbgen --pageset=city --subpagecolumns=3 --pagetitle-links
--pagetext-headings --maxrows=10 --nopropred=msgs
--nopropyellow=msgs,flexlm $BBHOME/www/city/

Whether you want a separate log file (if any) for each pageset vs a
combined log file for all bbgen runs might dictate whether you have
separate hobbitlaunch.cfg entries.

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