[hobbit] "Main View" Help Needed

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Mon Nov 16 22:33:27 CET 2009


Great idea, thank you.  Some questions, aside from learning to to generate another pageset, say bb3.html, would all of the other environ variables be the same?  Where does bbgen actually create bb.html, and should I just insert additional code in that file to create a new file?



> On Fri, Nov 13, 2009 at 08:52,  wrote:
>> I've already configured each site using "page site1group Site1", each including several "group-compress" statements that break down the site for additional items like "Windows Servers", "XP Desktops", "Windows-7 Desktops", "Netgear", "Linux Servers", etc.  So far, it looks and works beautifully.
>> What I'd like to do now is to create a separating break followed by additional "pages" labeled "Windows Servers", "XP Desktops", "Windows-7 Desktops", "Netgear", "Linux Servers", etc.  The difference between what is contained in the "page" under "XP Desktops" on my "Main View" and Site1's "XP Desktops" are that the one under "Main View" would contain ALL of the firms "XP Desktops" and Site1 would contain only those.
> Would another "Main View" instead of a separating break be acceptable?
> Perhaps preferable?
> If so, you could create a pageset -- take a look at the bbgen manual
> for this. I use it to create another view (main is by type, second is
> by site). Adding a hyperlink targeting the secondary pageset to
> menu_items.js is easy.


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