[hobbit] DEVMON stops working every now and then

Buchan Milne bgmilne at staff.telkomsa.net
Thu Nov 12 08:56:50 CET 2009

On Wednesday, 11 November 2009 14:57:47 thorsten.erdmann at daimler.com wrote:
> Hello
> some time ago I already talked about devmon stops working when a monitored
> device ist not responding. Now I saw it has nothing to do with non
> responsive devices.
> Devmon stops working at irregular intervals. I set Devmon to verbose and
> looked at the devmon log. I saw that there are simply no more messages
> when it stops working (see below). No error messages - nothing. None in
> the devmon log nor in the syslog.

Please discuss this on the devmon mailing list, as this has absolutely nothing 
to do with Xymon/Devmon.

This is a known issue, which we (David Balwdwin and I) are currently 
investigating actively. However, no-one has bothered to file a bug, so this 
investigation is occurring off-list. If an affected user filed a bug, we would 
use the bug for the investigation, and any interested users could subscribe to 
the bug to follow it.


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