[hobbit] DEVMON stops working every now and then

Gregory Thomas GThomas at fairdinkum.com
Fri Nov 13 18:09:25 CET 2009

Thanks Buchan. 

To close this thread off here and give others a chance to follow if this thread turns up in a search later, a bug has been created on the sourceforge project page.

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On Wednesday, 11 November 2009 17:24:23 Gregory Thomas wrote:
> I've got the same problem. Just had to restart after having it working for
> about 48 hours.
> I have added devmon (0.3.1-beta1) to the mix only a few weeks ago and am
> running it on ubuntu (desktop 8.10) along with xymon 4.2.3 (running about 6
> months). On a side note, the rrd graphing works quite well for connects,
> cpu, if_load, and memory.
> to kill it I run "sudo killall devmon" and it goes from purple to green
> again without running anything else.
> To get devmon running in the first place I've added the following to
> hobbitlaunch.cfg: (I'm not sure this is the "proper" way to handle and
> almost seems to too easy but it starts when I start xymon.)

Since devmon doesn't actually require a Xymon installation, the usual way to 
start is is from an init script. An example is supplied in the 'extras' 
directory. This is covered in item 6 in the docs/INSTALLATION file.

> hobbitlaunch.cfg
> ...
> [devmon]
>  CMD $BBHOME/ext/devmon/devmon
> [devmonreload]
>  CMD $BBHOME/ext/devmon/devmon --readbbhosts
> ...
> I've seen others post that they have cron jobs daily or even more often to
> restart devmon but I wish that wasn't required.

Don't we all. I fixed the more frequent cause of the 'devmon goes purple' 
problem before the release of 0.3.0 final, but this one is a bit more difficult 
to reproduce, and thus troubleshoot. So far it looks like the sockets used for 
communication between the master and the children stop responding.

Again, this really belongs on the devmon mailing list, or in a bug report.


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