[hobbit] Unexpected Service Response

Dominique Frise dominique.frise at unil.ch
Wed May 27 07:41:19 CEST 2009

MFisher at hra.com wrote:
> Hello All!
> We have multiple Solaris 10 boxes that run both FTP and SMTP.
> I have xymon configrued to test these ports (ftp and smtp) but the tests 
> show up as
> "Service ftp on XXXXX is not OK : Unexpected service response"
> and then immediately it goes green with
> "Service ftp on XXXXXis OK (up)"
> What would be a good starting point in determining why this is 
> happening. I have the same ftp and smptp tests being performed on Linux 
> and AIX boxes with no issues but this happens on ALL of my Solaris 10 
> machines...
> Any help is appreciated!!!

There are many discussions about this in the mailing-list archive at 
Search for "Unexpected service response"


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