Problem with external script and RRD-Graphs

Cayo de Moraes camorae at
Wed May 27 11:05:55 CEST 2009

Hi guys,

im trying to monitor some mysql performances like slowqueries, threads,
queries per second, etc. trought an external script. So far i get all
results from the client (Big Brother-Client) unless the graphs. Using big
brother (server) i get 3 graphs (slowqueries, threads and queries per
second) but after migrating BB to Hobbit i cant get any graph anymore. I
already did all steps from "How to setup custom graphs" but its not working.

Did i forget something / did something wrong or is it with the BB-Client not

After editing the hobbitserver.cfg and hobbitgraph.cfg i had some
confrontations with:

how should i configure the parameters of the hobbitserver.cfg and
hobbitgraph.cfg if i want 3 diferent graphs in one page, when the graph name
has to be the same as the column name?

when trying to get the only graph into the browser i get only an 1x1 Pixel

has anybody any idea??

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