No SNMP data for devmon template

Martha McConaghy URMM at VM.MARIST.EDU
Wed Sep 10 03:44:59 CEST 2008

I've been beating my head against a wall on this and finally admit I don't
have a clue why it is not working.  We're just getting started with Hobbit,
but plan on making it our main monitoring solution.  I've got devmon
running with it and have been able to monitor the devices that already have
templates.  However, some of our devices don't have templates, so I'm trying
to define one for them (Weather Goose environmental monitors).

To start, I'm just trying to define a simple temperature test.  I can
see that devmon is reading the files and all seems to be OK.  However,
I get the dreaded "No SNMP data found for upsenvTempwx on ..." and the
test does not work.  I can do an snmpget on the same oid and it returns
data with no problem.

I've seen other notes like this in the archives, but never any solution.  I've
redone the template files over and over, but nothing seems to make a dent.
I'll include my files in case one of you can see what I'm doing wrong.
Any advice would be appreciated.

Martha McConaghy
Strategic Planner/Project Manager
Marist College


vendor  : wxgoos
model   : 3163
snmpver : 2
sysdesc : NETOS 6.0

upsEnvTempwx    : .    : leaf

upsEnvTempwx    : red        : 105            : Temperature is very high
upsEnvTempwx    : yellow     : 99             : Temperature is high


Environment status:

Temperature: {upsEnvTempwx} F {yellow={upsEnvTempwx.thresh:yellow}F red=

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