[hobbit] No SNMP data for devmon template

Anna Jonna Armannsdottir annaj at hi.is
Wed Sep 10 11:46:05 CEST 2008

On þri, 2008-09-09 at 21:44 -0400, Martha McConaghy wrote:
> To start, I'm just trying to define a simple temperature test.  I can
> see that devmon is reading the files and all seems to be OK.  However,
> I get the dreaded "No SNMP data found for upsenvTempwx on ..." and the
> test does not work.  I can do an snmpget on the same oid and it
> returns
> data with no problem.
> I've seen other notes like this in the archives, but never any
> solution.  I've
> redone the template files over and over, but nothing seems to make a
> dent.
> I'll include my files in case one of you can see what I'm doing wrong.
> Any advice would be appreciated.

I have no experience with devmon, so I can not give You any any advice
on that. According to your description, the problem lies elsewhere. 
What is the configuration? I presume the snmp server is host A and You 
are fetching it from host B. Are there any firewall rules restricting 
traffic between the hosts? Are there any restrictions
in /etc/hosts.{allow,deny} in either host A or B? Are there any
restrictions on traffic to and from localhost ( ? 

I will soon be using devmon in conjunction with Hobbit, so I would very
much like to learn from your experience. 

Kindest Regards, Anna Jonna Ármannsdóttir,       %&   A: Because people read from top to bottom.
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